Winter Short Series-Tillie Olsen


The short stories and unfinished novel of Tillie Olsen are considered by many to be literary masterpieces. In her fiction, essays and charismatic talks, Olsen introduced themes that became central to a generation of women readers and writers: she brought the subject of motherhood into focus as a valid topic for literary representation, along with economic “circumstances” and the restrictions imposed by race, class and sex, presented a major obstacle to women’s artistic creativity. Speaking and writing during the 1960’s, 70’s and 80’s about the “silences” imposed on women, racial minorities and working class writers, Olsen drew on her own experience to open new perspectives on the literary canon. Her impetus led to a movement to recover lost and neglected writers of the past, encouraged other women to tell their stories and made Olsen herself a revered icon of the women’s movement. She also was an outspoken advocate of human rights, racial and social justice.

It’s the winter short story series! Come along and geek out with your grrrls! This Tillie Olsen story is considered one of the finest short stories of the 20th century. So come & get your geek on!

  • Saturday 3rd March, Amnesty International, New Inn Yard, 10am to 1pm
  • Lunch and drinks afterwards
  • Story: ‘Tell me a Riddle’ by Tillie Olsen
  • Cost:  Deposit £13
  • Full price: £26
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