Shadow/Light: a writing workshop


Dr Kerry Ryan is an award-winning writer of prose/poetry and plays. She has a PhD in creative writing and a Masters in Literary Studies with distinction. She is the founder of Write like a Grrrl and her courses are taught all
over the world including Germany, Russia, Ukraine, America, Ireland. She is the contributing editor of ‘So Long as You Write’ (Dear Damsels 2022) and the Write like a Grrrl anthology
published by Grind and Bearing Press 2022. Her writing has featured in various publications including Queerlings, The Manchester Review, the Kenyon Review, Spilling Ink and others. Her play ‘Trust’ was performed at the Gulbenkian.

Course dates

Friday 28 Oct 7- 9pm

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die deutSCHule
Karl-Marx-Straße 107, Ganghoferstraße 11-12, 12043 Berlin


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Welcome to Shadow /Light: Berlin

28 October

7-9pm Friday in-person

This is a workshop for students who have some writing experience

In this workshop we’ll examine strategies for accessing the subconscious, the seat of our creativity, using tarot, freefall writing & a whole range of generative writing exercises. No matter what’s going on in our lives or how busy we are, we’ll learn how to unleash the really juicy creative richness all of us contain.

We’ll also examine the shadow aspects of writing-envy, pride, greed and others-and how we can use these shadow aspects to make our writing stronger and ourselves stronger as artists too.

In this workshop, we’ll generate new writing & better approaches to living our artistic lives with more freedom.

Come & join us for this fun, friendly workshop!


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die deutSCHule
Karl-Marx-Straße 107, Ganghoferstraße 11-12, 12043 Berlin

What our students say…

Signing up for WLAG in 2019 was the best decision I’ve made for my writing practise! Before then, I had started so many novels and short stories but never finished anything. WLAG gave me permission for the first time to take my creative practise seriously. I learnt lots of practical tips to inform my writing, but most importantly I learnt how essential it is to see writing as playing, and to silence my inner critic.

I still do my brief daily sessions (almost every day) and managed to finish short stories, with one published in Dear Damsels. I also worked on my first finished novel, The Ways We Make It Here, during the second and third course of WLAG and it got me my wonderful agent.

Kerry is such an encouraging teacher and she builds friendly and safe communities. I still speak to many of the grrrls from the courses and the retreats are much-valued boosts to my creativity.

WLAG is all about giving yourself permission to be a writer and I wouldn’t have the confidence to call myself one without the amazing courses.