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Welcome to our 16 July online day writing retreat

Book now and bring some WLAG inspiration into your writing life!

Set your intentions

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You’ll be guided in setting goals for not only the day retreat but for the next few months, We’ll be looking at how to start up or strengthen your writing practice after a summer of socialising.

Summer time! And it’s time to get writing!

Guided Sprints

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You’ll set your writing intentions for the day and be gently encouraged to meet those goals with set writing sprints.

We’ll also have regular check-ins during the day with lots of breaks to keep you going.

Group Support

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You’ll get to meet and share your hopes and intentions with other women & NB writers.

There’s no need to share writing on a WLAG retreat, just lots of fun and support and self-care.

The day retreat on 16th July takes place via Zoom with quiet writing time included offline.

Date: Saturday 16 July

Time: 9:30 to 3:00pm


The retreat was perfect today! It’s amazing having a focused day with such lovely people. I always get great work done. And it feeds my soul!