Inspire-second level course 21 April-26 May online


21 April -26 May for six weeks

7-9pm Thursdays live teaching online



Book now for Inspire, our second-level six-week creative writing course for women and non-binary writers. Inspire is the follow-on course for our entry-level course, Ignite.

Inspire takes place entirely online with live teaching – so you can get the benefits of this brilliant course no matter where you are in the world!

This six-week course offers weekly critique workshops as well as sessions on advanced writing techniques such as: modes of narration; pace; plotting a novel; editing; how to strengthen your regular writing practice; and how to read like a writer. The course includes a Q&A session with a literary agent or published author as well as sure-fire strategies on how to maintain motivation once the course is over.

If you’ve written a short story or had a go at a novel and want constructive feedback in a supportive group then Inspire is for you. Rough drafts very welcome!

Come and join us and take part in the WLAG magic! With Inspire, you’ll be part of a supportive, encouraging community and join hundreds of graduates who now write regularly with more confidence and enjoyment.

Kerry Ryan is the founder of Write like a Grrrl and has facilitated workshops all over the UK, in Ireland and in St Petersburg and Moscow. She has a Masters in Literary Studies and a PhD in Creative Writing. She has been creative agony aunt for Dear Damsels, taught Writing for Performance at Spotlight, creative writing for women leaving sex work and domestic abuse survivors and LGBTQ+. Her writing has been featured in various publications including Steer, The Manchester Review, the Kenyon Review and Spilling Ink. Her play Trust was performed at the Gulbenkian Theatre.