Freedom Through Short Form 11 June 10am-12


Workshop date

Saturday 11th June 10am-12noon

Course location

This is an online course with live teaching via zoom





Short form poetry might feel restrictive, shackling, like it’s cornering you into something you’re not sure you want to commit to.

In this workshop we’re going to embrace that feeling, and find out how writing to shorter forms can actually be freeing for our writing practice; even help us to push it further than we have before.

Together we will explore various forms of short poetry, some you will be familiar with, and hopefully some more surprising as we delight in this skill development and generative workshop for poets, or prose writers who feel they have a habit of using too many words!

Join prize winning poet Jo Flynn for a fun delve into the distillation process of our writing. Jo has featured in the National Poetry Library for her work with short form poetry, so you’re in safe hands.