It’s no exaggeration to say that Write Like A Grrrl (WLAG) changed my life…

Charlotte Forfieh…

I’d always had a vague ambition to write but WLAG turned my wishy-washiness into pure, concentrated action.

After learning about craft, commitment and the importance of a writing routine, my confidence increased exponentially; so much so that I was able to apply for – and win – a scholarship to study an MA in creative writing.

Thanks to Kerry Ryan and her life-affirming courses, I’ve co-founded a women’s only writer’s group, been published in a couple of journals and heard my work performed live. I’m also exploring options for a PhD in creative writing. None of this would have been possible without WLAG. But despite these achievements, I’m most proud to be a member of such a wonderful, supportive community of women writers, with enduring friendships like wow. Write Like A Grrrl for life!

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I signed up for the six week Write like a Grrrl course in 2014 because I hadn’t written any fiction in a while and knew that I wanted to get back into it. However, I was really lacking in motivation.

The course was good value and I really liked the idea of a women’s writing group but on the first day I was very nervous! I’m not the best at speaking to new people, especially about my own writing. But everyone was so friendly and the atmosphere was so relaxed and encouraging.

It became so rewarding to attend this course every week. I loved having the opportunity to hang out with like-minded women and Kerry created a really welcoming and fun atmosphere and did a great job of making me feel good about where I was with my writing.

I really liked how the sessions were planned – new elements of the story building process explained each week and this was really helpful. We were able to work on each piece (dialogue, characterisation, etc.) separately, building up the story. For me, the highlight was the dialogue exercise, it made me approach writing dialogue completely differently.

By the end of the course, I felt very inspired to continue, and had a renewed passion for short story writing in particular. The course gave me a much-needed confidence boost, too, and I realised my writing isn’t actually that bad!

These days. I am working hard to write (almost) every day, and WLAG definitely pushed me to consider the importance of brief daily writing sessions. I’m also a lot more aware of what to aim for and what to avoid in my writing.

Write like a Grrrl offered a no-pressure, encouraging and fun environment that got me feeling excited about writing. I’d recommend it for women at all writing levels – whether you just have a mild interest you’d like to nurture or want to rekindle your creativity.

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