Write like a Grrrl: Russia

Write like a Grrrl is taught in Moscow and Kazan by two amazing women, Sasha Shadrina and Svetlana Lukyanova who run feminist website no-kidding


Svetlana Lukyanova has a degree in philology and specialises in children’s literature. She is co-founder and coeditor at No-kidding.ru and works as a writer in PR.


And now facilitates Write like a Grrrl in Kazan…

Four years ago me and Sasha started a site with feminist critique of popular culture. Our goal was to fight stereotypes, but, more importantly, we wanted to make a space for women to share their experience and thoughts. But we soon found out that there are not a lot of authors around. So it became clear that we need to find, encourage and maybe teach them ourselves.

Writing is my job, but the last time I wrote fiction was 5 years ago. Because of perfectionism and self-doubt I was too afraid to start writing fiction again. I thought it wasn’t the time.

I immediately saw what Write like a Grrrl courses could do for a woman like me — who struggles with self-doubt and fear of failure. They helped me a lot. And I am happy to help other female writers.

When I was studying at university I wanted to become a professor and teach students. It didn’t happen, at least, it hasn’t happened yet. But in a way my dream did come true, thanks to WLAG. I enjoy teaching. I always feel happy when girls share their thoughts and feelings. It’s a blessing to be in the room with all these talented smart women being comfortable to talk about personal stuff. Sometimes I feel like a cheater because I learn from them a lot. And I like it when we laugh and we laugh a lot at our workshops.

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Kerry Ryan has a PhD in creative writing and has tutored writing workshops at the Feminist Library, Glasgow Women’s Library and with women leaving sex work at Routes Out. Her writing has featured in a range of publications including The Kenyon Review, 3:am magazine, Alternative and Indigo Rising. Her story, The Bird, won first prize in Spilling Ink’s short story competition. She is currently writing a novel set in London in 1914, The Art of Mimicry, which was recently shortlisted in Myriad Editions Writer’s Retreat Competition.