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Write like a Grrrl: London

Earlier this year, I did some re-evaluating of my work life balance and decided that I needed to make more time for my other passions – writing being the main one I wanted to focus on. I’ve been writing for a long time but never had the discipline to finish things, I hoped Write Like A Grrrl would help me!


I felt pretty apprehensive on the first day. I’d missed the first week (work again!) so felt a bit ‘behind’…until I sat down and talked to the other Grrrls. By the end of the session I was feeling inspired and excited to continue writing.

Every week, I looked forward to the workshop. I particularly enjoyed comparing extracts from novels/short stories to illustrate the methods being taught with regard to characterisation, setting etc. The second week’s short story workshop was excellent – an hour of planning and an hour of writing – the time went so quickly that I spent another hour on the story later that day!

It’s upped my confidence in my ability enormously, especially with regard to proofreading and editing my work.

I know now that when I sit down to write I don’t need to wait for the fairy of inspiration to perch on my shoulder, that I can write something and that writing for even a short time can, in itself, improve my mood and confidence.

By the end of the course I felt inspired to keep writing, and sad that it was over. I signed up for The Next Step course as soon as it was available! I felt like I had a toolkit to help me with writing hurdles and a support group of other women writers.

I would say to anyone considering the course, to sign up now!  You won’t find a more supportive and helpful group. The relatively small size of the class allows for plenty of participation throughout and you’ll be among people who are trying to achieve the same thing you are – to write and keep writing – which this course will certainly help you do.

To book a course, see For Books’Sake

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Kerry Ryan has a PhD in creative writing and has tutored writing workshops at the Feminist Library, Glasgow Women’s Library and with women leaving sex work at Routes Out. Her writing has featured in a range of publications including The Kenyon Review, 3:am magazine, Alternative and Indigo Rising. Her story, The Bird, won first prize in Spilling Ink’s short story competition. She is currently writing a novel set in London in 1914, The Art of Mimicry, which was recently shortlisted in Myriad Editions Writer’s Retreat Competition.