Write like a Grrrl

WLAG offers creative writing courses for women across the UK in collaboration with For Books’ Sake. Courses include our six-week Ignite course and the six-week progression course, The Next Step which take place in London, Folkestone, Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester and Edinburgh throughout the year, as well as our intensive day courses all across the UK and Ireland.

We also now offer Write like a Grrrl:Russia in St Petersburg, Moscow and Kazan! And we have plans cooking for even more courses across the world.

From humble beginnings in a room with a leaky roof at the Feminist Library, Write like a Grrrl has grown into a worldwide sisterhood of women writers supporting women writers. Hundreds of women have graduated from Write like a Grrrl. See below for reasons why you should too! And why not read what our Grrrls have to say?


So why Write like a Grrrl?

With our Ignite and The Next Step courses, you’ll learn how to push through doubt, reduce fear of the blank page, become disciplined in your practice and enjoy writing so much more. You’ll also become skilled in characterisation, dialogue, creating dynamic settings and other essential writing techniques.

You’ll be part of a community of like-minded women who support and encourage each other with groups of graduates who meet regularly to share work, ideas and generally cheer each other on.

If you haven’t written creatively before but always wanted to, or if you haven’t written for some time and want to kick-start your practice, then this low-cost, intensive course is for you.

Write like a Grrrl graduates have been published in anthologies, journals, magazines online and offline, been short-listed for and won competitions, completed novels and some have been signed by literary agents, but most importantly, they’ve learned to enjoy writing instead of procrastinating, binging and pushing too hard, too fast.

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